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We apply new technology, state of the art equipment’s to serve our clients better. We deliver on time and with excellence when we are called to deliver the following services

Building Maintenance

The above services are for health facilities, workplaces, campuses, companies, and multi-story buildings. On a regular basis, our qualified and well-trained personnel are stationed in the client's company.

By managing the system (BMS), controlling and monitoring the mechanical and electrical equipment in the building.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration System

Is your company in need of heating or cooling services? Throughout Western Region, our technicians provide services to both homes and businesses. Simply give us a call if you need HVAC repairs, maintenance, or installation.

Some of our HVAC services include:

  • Furnace repair, installation, and maintenance
  • Air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Crystal Club maintenance program
  • Indoor air quality and air duct services
  • Indoor air quality assessment and testing
  • IAQ equipment installation, maintenance, and repair
Electrical Services

Do you require an electrician for your home or business? We have a team of professional electricians who can assist you with any electrical need. If you need to make a repair, don't try to do it yourself—it could be extremely dangerous. For certified electrical services, contact Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited.

  • Upgrade wiring, outlets and light switches
  • Motion sensors and outdoor lighting
  • Lighting installations
  • Ceiling fan installation and more
Plumbing Services

Are you in need of a professional plumber? Our team includes several trained, certified, and experienced plumbers who can assist you with any of your plumbing needs. Among our many plumbing services are

  • Sump and ejector pumps
  • Installation and maintenance of water heaters
  • Pipe leaks, frozen pipes, and burst pipes
  • Steam showers and jetted tubs installed
  • Outdoor faucets
  • Replacement of old pipes
  • Underground leak detection and repair

Janitorial Services

When your construction is finished and all of the debris has been removed, our professionals will clean and prepare your new space for move-in and set-up. Edwin AA Ghana Limited will ensure that your new commercial building is welcoming, clean, and comfortable.

We understand that construction can be unpredictable; therefore, we collaborate with contractors and other service technicians to ensure that your timelines and deadlines are met.

Landscape and Garden Management

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited provides full-service residential and commercial landscape maintenance and garden care. Lawn care and maintenance, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming, and anything else that keeps your garden looking its best are all included in our services.

A garden is a place for you and your family to unwind, relax, and have fun. It has the potential to reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life. Furthermore, if the garden is kept in good shape through regular maintenance, it can be a pleasant addition to your existing home.

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited is a knowledgeable Landscape and Gardening Service. We are experts in all facets of hard and soft landscaping.

  • Driveways
  • Yards
  • Pathways
  • Walls
  • Tree felling & Hedge cutting
  • Planting schemes
  • Low maintenance gravel gardens
  • Re-Pointed
  • Fencing
  • Planting and Rockeries
  • Garden Clearances
  • Hedge and Tree Cutting and Removal
  • Pond and Water Feature Construction and Maintenance
  • Weekly, Fortnightly, and Monthly Garden Maintenance

Fumigation/Pest Control

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited provides fumigation services to all companies, and logistics centers across the region, including the treatment of cargoes, loaded onto sea-going vessels, barges, and containers.

They adhere to strict national and international legislation, best practices, and globally agreed-upon quality and safety standards.

Our fumigation and pest management services are effective and dependable at every stage of the supply chain.

  • Fumigation of stored goods
  • Fumigation of bagged and bulk agricultural commodities (e.g., cereals, cocoa, coffee, peanuts) in grain storage, stacks and warehouses
  • Fumigation during or prior to shipment
  • Fumigation of cargos loaded in barges and other vessels, containers, trains and trucks
  • Biocide treatment of cargoes
  • Treatment of agricultural commodities against insects and mites
  • Disinfection and fumigation for the food and beverage industry (e.g., breweries, flour mills, malt houses)
  • Quarantine fumigation
  • Residence fumigation/ pest control
  • Ventilation and gas-free measurement

Waste Management

Portable Toilets Services

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited offers a professional toilet rental service. We have a large inventory of high-quality, ADA-compliant portable restrooms for construction sites and special events. Handwashing stations and freshwater tanks are also available for visitors.

We also collect and transport liquid and solid waste in the community, port, and industries.

Wholesome Water Supply And Dust Suppression SERVICES

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited is into water supply and water bowser services. We supply water to individual houses and cooperate institutions like companies for household purposes, industrial and commercial use.

we as well offer dust operation services, spraying and sprinkling water around a site, company, road to reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere.

Logistics Supply & Transport Services

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited offers cost-effective, efficient, and best-in-class processes aimed at determining the best solution for our clients' needs.

Our team of highly experienced and professional logistics analysts and consultants can provide the best solutions for each client's specific business needs.

  • Road transport: Pick-up/Delivery
  • Full Truck Load, Less Than Truck (FTL/LTL)
  • Truck rentals

License And Certifications

Edwin A. A. Ghana Limited is approved and licensed by means of the following authorization.


The company’s level of experience and professionalism has branded its name as a household name in most organizations in the Western Region.

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